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cleansing snow

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wait for it…

With patience, we try to wait. In lines. In traffic. For our health to improve… Of some of these things we have no control. There have been times during this journey back to wellness that I’ve felt very out of … Continue reading

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without hope

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poetry of my soul

the poetry of my soul is deeper than I know written on my heart does anyone care to know there is One Who reads it every moment, every day with every beat inside of me He clicks ❤️ and it’s … Continue reading

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BirdSong 4-17-17

BirdSong Make my day It’s not even dawn yet And you’re ready to play Open window season Primavera, yes! When I can’t sleep God sends you to sing to me I’m so grateful, for A smile in the night Gifts … Continue reading

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what’s in a healing

Is this a question or the beginning of an answer? Hmmm. What exactly IS in a healing? In my life (almost said at my age, ooops) I’ve both witnessed many and experienced several of my own. Whether physical, emotional, mental or … Continue reading

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all over the board

Theoretically thinking, a nap sounds amazing.  Yeah, no…easier thought than done. Today it seems like I’m the ‘iron’ piece in the Monopoly game, except the ‘wrinkles’ under me are actually on the game board of Life. And it’s not really … Continue reading

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