what’s in a healing

Is this a question or the beginning of an answer? Hmmm.

What exactly IS in a healing? In my life (almost said at my age, ooops) I’ve both witnessed many and experienced several of my own. Whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual…there are all kinds of healings.

Today I’m thinking of physical healing. Having chronic pain for 15 years, it’s safe to say it is on my mind. A lot! Too much! Even after much prayer for me and by me, where is the healing? God? Are you there? Of course he is! I experience Him daily and many of my prayers are answered…all the time.

Today I report that I’m actually getting better! Why this doesn’t happen all in one day, one instant, I don’t know. I do know there are things to learn along the way, friends we would not have met otherwise…a life to live!

So I encourage my friends, family and fellow bloggers who have prayed for, thought about and followed my healthy journey. Let’s never give up. God does have a plan. He’s always had a plan. And we have choices to make every day which may affect the timing, and even aspects, of our answers along the way. Sometimes an answer is right in front of us but we choose a different route that takes us on a detour. I believe God uses even the detours to bring about His purpose.

Some day we will know all of the answers to our questions. Some people say we won’t even care at that time. Again, hmmm. I think that my inquiring and analytical mind will still want to know. We may know in the instant we arrive at our eternal Home. Or He may allow us to discover these answers as we go, as we meet and visit with every person who has impacted our lives, in every direct and indirect way. Ohhh, this is a subject I love to think and talk about…how we will spend our time when we finally get to that completely perfect Destination!

So back to ‘what’s in a healing’. For me, it’s been…life! Here’s why I say life. Back in the early years of my dis-ease, there were moments – especially in the dark – I thought I might not make it through the night. My brain felt like it was moving inside my head. My world was upside down; pain was off the charts, indescribable. There were panic attacks. Tears. Dependency. Debilitation.

After those early days, weeks, a few months – I was on my path to wellness. My healthy journey had begun! And wow am I glad that it wasn’t revealed to me that nearly 15 years of choices and decisions, would affect my healing. Yet, maybe I would’ve welcomed the news that at least I’d live long enough to see my granddaughter become a teen and there’d be another granddaughter to enjoy. And not from a wheelchair or even pharmaceutically incarcerated!

Often I have described this as a roller coaster ride. Today I pictured it as a dance because it’s been one step forward, two steps back. Two steps forward and one or two steps back.  But always there is forward motion. Seeking and searching. Finding and applying. Knowing, yet not knowing. What I’ve come to believe is that there is no panacea. But there are so many good things that God has provided us in nature, as well as the intelligence, wisdom and knowledge of how the human body works and does not work. How it heals and does not heal. Through things that we consume and by using therapies and technologies that assist the body’s natural healing process. There are many things I do, but today I will share just a few. I consume CBD in different forms, kratom in multiple strains, Miror EPF…and I’m a big fan of my Ortho-Bionomy practitioners. Look it up, it may resonate and help someone you know or yourself! All of the things I do have good side effects.

Today there is less pain. I’m sleeping much better most nights. And mornings are easier – to know me is to know that this is HUGE!

So there’s been life and discovery and ideas for the plan that’s been there all along. All of the answers are not clear yet. I do know that my desire is to glorify God in my life. I have many opportunities to do that, every moment of every day.

And so do you, my friend! As we ask our questions, we need to expect answers! Have a little faith. When ‘stuck’ on the edge of our trek to higher places in life, know without a doubt that when you call on the name of Jesus, He will arrive immediately. Then link your arm in His and walk without fear. Know that Habakkuk 3:19 says this:

‘The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights.’




About treadin' on high

I have made some very bad choices in my lifetime and those choices took me to some places I had no business going. In January of '94, I became a new creature in Christ. And I have learned no matter what I'm going thru, as long as it is God's will, it's far better than one second of my own! He has a plan and I desire more than anything to be a part of it. I am.....always seeking truth!
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