wait for it…

With patience, we try to wait. In lines. In traffic. For our health to improve…

Of some of these things we have no control. There have been times during this journey back to wellness that I’ve felt very out of control. Scared to the point I thought I was dying. And if I hadn’t taken certain steps I surely would have.

Hypothyroidism is nothing to mess around with. I learned the hard way. After my fourth and youngest child was born I was diagnosed and put on meds. Well, stubborn me didn’t want to be on meds with side effects and after awhile I took myself off of them. It’s funny how you can remember exactly where you were when certain conversations occur. On the phone with a nurse, while in my closet, she pretty much told me I would die. She asked if I had kids and did I want to live to see them grow up. How dare she, I thought. My faith is stronger than that and me and my God ‘have got this’ and I’m not taking drugs for this! So there!

After Dr recommended natural methods, allergy elimination and diet changes, my health still went down the tubes very fast. Sudden vertigo and severe overall body pain to the point that I needed help just getting off the couch and many more scary symptoms sent me to learn I not only still had a whacked out thyroid (Hashimoto’s), but now my adrenals ‘were shot’ and RA and fibromyalgia had joined the party (most likely brought on by the heavy metal poisoning brought on by a few dental appointments gone wrong). I could barely walk myself into the Dr’s office. He was an MD who also used natural methods because his patients had asked for them. He gave me hope that first visit, saying that when I was 90 years old this would just be a ‘dot’ in my life. He was so confident! And he put me on the right track because within a month I was traveling again, taking long walks, driving…and later jet skiing and more!

I saw and consulted long distance with Dr. B off and on for several years. When I was not under his care, my health would decline drastically.

(I am very sad to say that just today I found out that my Dr. just mentioned above – passed away a few months ago. I tried to reach him this morning for a long distance consult. I hadn’t talked with him for over a year.)

After much trial and error over the years both on my own and with the help of many alternative physicians and my GP who now treats my thyroid, I’m happy to report seeing and experiencing some major good results! If you’ve followed my healthy journey blog posts, remember I even went to a clinic in Arkansas in May for a month.

So what’s working these days? First, I give credit to God, of course, for all healing in my body, mind and spirit! And for leading me to various methods, the best natural anti-inflammatories and supplements and even to my special body workers and practitioners. The relationships with them and other patients I’ve met along the way are priceless.

Next, I’ve mentioned Ortho-Bionomy in previous posts. I highly recommend it, knowing it helped my central nervous system and symptoms of dysautonomia are pretty much completely gone. This has allowed my body to get back to a state of  ‘can we just all calm down’ and begin to heal. So that’s just the beginning.

About a month ago I began a new chiropractic treatment (I’ve had 5 previous chiropractors in 12 years, several methods, and loved them all) called NSA, Spinal Network Analysis. This turns out to be the best for me! For right now, twice a week seems to be what I need, so I’ve taken a break from massage and other body work since too much is an issue for me. I often feel like I’m a pawn in a chess game trying to figure out my own next moves, daily/weekly.

Then the addition of LDN, low dose naltrexone, and organic sulphur crystals (instead of gulping large MSM horse pills, the crystals are also more effective) has been a huge turning point for me! And the use of a Hummingbird, medical device for fibromyalgia (plantar stimulation so it helps with circulation which leads to relief in many areas), that my husband got for me has been great!

These are things I have found to be most helpful in getting me back to a more balanced state and much lower pain levels. I still use my ICES unit and a TNS unit occasionally as needed, but not as often which is really cool!

I do hope this is of some help to someone…that’s really my goal. To share my journey back to wellness and my journey on the heights with Jesus. Thanks for hanging out with me for a minute!

~ kim

Habakkuk 3:19 says:

‘The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights.’


About treadin' on high

I have made some very bad choices in my lifetime and those choices took me to some places I had no business going. In January of '94, I became a new creature in Christ. And I have learned no matter what I'm going thru, as long as it is God's will, it's far better than one second of my own! He has a plan and I desire more than anything to be a part of it. I am.....always seeking truth!
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2 Responses to wait for it…

  1. pat says:

    good to hear things are heading forward. you have been in pain many years. i love reding your progress and all the natural methods. i have had my boyfriend read your columns and he to is using natural methods and getting better. still aways to go bit at least he cn function again and is not in so much pain.
    thanks for sharing

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