the message is in the details

God is still in the prayer answering business. Today I received a miracle, temporary or maybe not…it’s all good! Last week I blogged about that disheartening dental visit in Arkansas where I was told my crown could not be put back on…the tooth could not be saved. Today at my own (and favorite) dental office, prepped for surgical extraction, I was given other possible options!

To set the tone for this grateful day, let’s back up a minute to two days ago when the ‘usual’ dental anxiety hit me during one of those not so fun events of weakness and brain foggy fatigue. Fearing one of those might hit me while in the dental chair, a meltdown seemed easy enough to accomplish, so I had one! Then on the phone one of their sweet dental assistants who ‘gets’ me said we’d just be prepared and if I didn’t feel well enough, we could just take the x-ray, talk about the options and reschedule. Today I was determined that fear would not rule me. I put on Misty Edwards’ Yahweh (I Will Not Deny Him) set my heart and mind toward better thinking and I was ready! When you are in right thinking like that, you might as well ask for a miracle and so I did! At the same time I decided that if my tooth was not healed when I got there, I’d be okay and would even refuse oral sedation to calm me. Face it head on and trust. Today was gonna be different! Kevin prayed on the way and I felt strong and well walking in!

So should we be surprised that my dentist recommended we re-schedule for an exploratory visit…numb me, clean up what’s there and see what we have to work with – maybe a post and crown, maybe just a new crown, maybe an extraction after all.  Praise the Lord!

All these details make for a miracle message that I don’t want to forget. And I hope it resonates with someone out there. Who can’t sympathize with a little dental anxiety? And who doesn’t need a little reminder to chill and trust? You’d think by now I’ve learned that it’s never ever as bad as my mind decides it’s gonna be!

If you are following my healthy journey blogs, I am now home after just four weeks of treatment for RA, Fibromyalgia and all the uninvited symptoms and conditions that tag along. And I am doing really well! When compared to recent, unbearable flares and many years of dis-ability, there has been great improvement since going out to the Neurologic Relief Center. It’s been a learning experience…a great experience! My healing and dropping pain levels began there and is continuing here at home using several methods of treatment and therapies. I will blog more about them specifically next time.

Until then, thanks for sharing my healthy journey details. It’s my desire that someone is helped as I am being helped. And join me on the high places that only my God can take me to! As Habakkuk 3:19 says:

“The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights”



About treadin' on high

I have made some very bad choices in my lifetime and those choices took me to some places I had no business going. In January of '94, I became a new creature in Christ. And I have learned no matter what I'm going thru, as long as it is God's will, it's far better than one second of my own! He has a plan and I desire more than anything to be a part of it. I am.....always seeking truth!
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