do you like pina coladas…rheumatoid is a pain

Sooo, I’m home…just for the long weekend, and it’s a sweet (re)treat! Unexpected, last minute needed decision.  At the moment I’m having Caribbean drinks with the fam…good times. (I’m not supposed to have sugar right now, so this is kind of an experiment, hehe)

And then I’ll be ready for round/week 3. My second week at the Neurologic Relief Center was more of the same treatments as well as a few other things added in. I saw all three of the Dr’s on Thursday, one of them to discuss my blood test results and ways to address some of the issues. I forgot to mention last week that I’d been getting Piezo therapy, too. You can check it out at This is extremely intense during treatment, but the results are immediate and good.

My diet was improved this week as I made better, thought out choices for my proteins, fats and carbs. This coming week my food allergy test results should be back and it’ll be good to see if any of my previous allergies have returned. (Two years ago I had eliminated my allergies thru an acupuncture treatment protocol called NAET.) Even if not allergic, it’s still a good idea to avoid gluten and dairy since they both usually cause inflammation. And I’m doing great drinking tons of water…summer and the heat helps with that. My rheumatology is kind of off the charts, too, so there’s that. But it’s all good…my pain level has not been at a 10 since my first day, except during certain treatments where it’s necessary to get the desired effect and then it’s better afterwards. I know I’m in a good place to heal.

My favorite therapy is frequency specific micro-current and my least favorite is ARP Wave. I love my therapist though – we make each other laugh and that helps. To find humor in all the pain is so beneficial. A huge part of the day is spending time with other patients and their family/caretakers/friends who come to support and hang out. Swapping stories and how we each came to be here is therapeutic, even fun. Depending on your schedule for the day, you might look like you’re moving in…packing food and water, supplements, extra clothes (I don’t like to wear shorts and tank all day needed for some treatments), computer, phone and books. My technology time has greatly decreased since I’d much rather make new friends from all over the world!

Till next blog, keep treadin’ on high places.

“The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights.” (Habakkuk 3:19)


PS My son, Jordan, gave me the title to this entry and I love it.

About treadin' on high

I have made some very bad choices in my lifetime and those choices took me to some places I had no business going. In January of '94, I became a new creature in Christ. And I have learned no matter what I'm going thru, as long as it is God's will, it's far better than one second of my own! He has a plan and I desire more than anything to be a part of it. I am.....always seeking truth!
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