even the trees obey

~ kim newsome

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a writer’s reason

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poetry of my soul

the poetry of my soul

is deeper than I know

written on my heart

does anyone care to know

there is One Who reads it

every moment, every day

with every beat inside of me

He clicks ❤️

and it’s all He needs to say

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sleep is not overrated

Quick update for my fellow chronic pain sufferers and those who have someone dear to you who needs relief.  Searching the world wide web of confusion and potential answers can be frustrating and full of hope at once, right? I so very much want to be of help to some one.

So as I write this my feet are resting on my new Hummingbird. With nearly a week of using it two to three times each day, it is awesome to report that sleep is now a huge part of my nights! And I believe it is just the beginning of good things!

One more thing to share. I am back on a compounded prescription called LDN (low dose naltrexone). A friend recently brought it back to mind asking if I’d ever taken it. Wow, it rang a bell and my journal reminded me that two years ago my (then) Dr asked me to look at the above website on LDN and decide if I wanted to try it. I did and said Yes! He started me on a very low dose and within six months I was taking 4.5 mg. Soon I was no longer able to receive scripts from him. LDN was forgotten about as I moved on to try ‘new and better’ things. I’m now on a support page for LDN and have learned it can, in some cases, take longer than that to notice big changes or even get complete relief for some conditions. I strongly suggest anyone with an autoimmune issue to at least take a look at LDN. They use it at higher doses for MS very successfully. The list of uses is very impressive and it is NOT expensive. If you are on LDN, I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s keep on treadin’ on…healing can be right around the corner, down the road and most definitely when we see Jesus! Pray, and then pray more. I can’t do life…a day, a night, an hour or a moment…without it!

~ Kim

Habakkuk 3:19 says:

‘The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights.’

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be it journey or quest

This journey, this quest, is not just for me. My goal has always been to share what is working for me on my way back to wellness. First, it is prayer. Why, after all these years, God hasn’t just ‘healed’ me instantly during my darkest hours…is a blog entry of its own. I would imagine many of you have asked that same question as well. The answer often takes me to Job in the Bible.

In the past few weeks I’ve switched up my plethora of supplements which includes nutrition, many herbals for pain and inflammation and sleep aids, as well as new topicals. There are a whole lot of good products out there to try, yes. But there are also many, many (did I say many?) companies that have jumped on this money-making bandwagon selling herbs and formulas (i.e. CBD, hemp, turmeric, magnesium, CoQ10, Corydalis, Cat’s Claw, the list goes on and on…) and it is because these things WORK! Yes, but quality and formulation is key! Unfortunately even in this industry of ‘alternative’ options, there are shortcuts and dishonesty. I say that because if a company sells a product for good health, they should be diligent enough to make sure theirs delivers on its claims.  If they take our good, hard-earned money to provide a bottle of wellness, it darn well better have the lab-tested quality, valid studies and even a Certificate of Analysis behind that batch. Too many do not.

So the new things I’m taking have been researched well (by my husband since that’s his thing) but mostly are not overnight sensations. During a consult with a Dr friend this week, he said sometimes we need to go on a ‘supplement holiday’.  Any kind of holiday sounds good right now, ha! Looking at my blood work, he did say that my heart is healthy (thank you Lord) though gotta bring down those RA numbers.

I am seeing little breakthroughs on most days, and being very analytical by nature, even more so in the past 15 years, it feels like a full-time job. Kinda sad that most of my waking moments are spent calculating movements. There are other things I’d rather be doing! When mid-day usually brings relief in some areas, it’s a good time to take a store trip, maybe go for a walk down the hill…or vacuum the house and do some laundry! Oh I do do those things at higher levels but it’s not as enjoyable, can do worse damage and it shows on my face usually…and we all want to look better than that out in public, right?

But that’s not all I have to report. Remember that I’m a big advocate for Ortho-Bionomy? With two great practitioners, I see one of them weekly. Ortho-Bionomy is really helping my central nervous system and autonomic nervous system perform as they should, and it does much more!  I had two really good days after last week’s O-B treatment! I also use ICES DigiCeutical Technology on targeted areas of my body almost daily for pain relief. Where I used to have weekly chiropractic adjustments and weekly massages to help manage pain, I’m doing those much less often, so that’s good progress! Occasionally I rebound and get on the vibration plate but my husband says it’s not nearly enough. I say…there’s that fine line again, haha!

Typical for autoimmune, some days are so much better than others. As these layers are peeling back, I’ve finally been able to see the difference that the coming rain has on me. I love rain but the changing pressure is not kind to my body and I know many of you can relate. Diet also does affect pain. Though I try to avoid known inflammatory foods, I fail slightly, but who wants to be perfect with food?

More good news…this coming week I’ll be getting a Hummingbird by Vital Motion. Look it up. Good reviews for Fibromyalgia! I’m excited to use it and report lower pain levels!  And I used an Ampcoil twice this past month. My husband talked with the founder and we are very impressed. There are answers out there for ALL of us who are not in perfect health.

One of the many things I learned while at the clinic in Arkansas this year is that not everyone gets well using all or even some of the same methods that helped someone else get well. We are each unique – in our fingerprints, our personalities – and in our sickness and our wellness!

Soooo many of my prayers are answered, daily! If God chooses to heal me this way, I’m good to go. If I can help even one person along the way, then even better! There’s much to be grateful for each day.

Gentle hugs and blog ya soon!

~ Kim

Habakkuk 3:19 says:

‘The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights.’

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Nighttime breezes come my way

Can’t sleep anyway

Breeze thru my windows

Can’t help but smile

I’ll lay awake all night

If you’ll just stay awhile

Breezes bringing tomorrow’s rain

Breezes saying I’m here again

Holy Spirit sending love

On breezes across my face

Intent to bring a smile

Gentle breezes in my hair

Yes Lord I know you’re there

You consume my thoughts

Bringing me to prayer

Thank you for my BreezeWay

~ Spring 2017

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