the message is in the details

God is still in the prayer answering business. Today I received a miracle, temporary or maybe not…it’s all good! Last week I blogged about that disheartening dental visit in Arkansas where I was told my crown could not be put back on…the tooth could not be saved. Today at my own (and favorite) dental office, prepped for surgical extraction, I was given other possible options!

To set the tone for this grateful day, let’s back up a minute to two days ago when the ‘usual’ dental anxiety hit me during one of those not so fun events of weakness and brain foggy fatigue. Fearing one of those might hit me while in the dental chair, a meltdown seemed easy enough to accomplish, so I had one! Then on the phone one of their sweet dental assistants who ‘gets’ me said we’d just be prepared and if I didn’t feel well enough, we could just take the x-ray, talk about the options and reschedule. Today I was determined that fear would not rule me. I put on Misty Edwards’ Yahweh (I Will Not Deny Him) set my heart and mind toward better thinking and I was ready! When you are in right thinking like that, you might as well ask for a miracle and so I did! At the same time I decided that if my tooth was not healed when I got there, I’d be okay and would even refuse oral sedation to calm me. Face it head on and trust. Today was gonna be different! Kevin prayed on the way and I felt strong and well walking in!

So should we be surprised that my dentist recommended we re-schedule for an exploratory visit…numb me, clean up what’s there and see what we have to work with – maybe a post and crown, maybe just a new crown, maybe an extraction after all.  Praise the Lord!

All these details make for a miracle message that I don’t want to forget. And I hope it resonates with someone out there. Who can’t sympathize with a little dental anxiety? And who doesn’t need a little reminder to chill and trust? You’d think by now I’ve learned that it’s never ever as bad as my mind decides it’s gonna be!

If you are following my healthy journey blogs, I am now home after just four weeks of treatment for RA, Fibromyalgia and all the uninvited symptoms and conditions that tag along. And I am doing really well! When compared to recent, unbearable flares and many years of dis-ability, there has been great improvement since going out to the Neurologic Relief Center. It’s been a learning experience…a great experience! My healing and dropping pain levels began there and is continuing here at home using several methods of treatment and therapies. I will blog more about them specifically next time.

Until then, thanks for sharing my healthy journey details. It’s my desire that someone is helped as I am being helped. And join me on the high places that only my God can take me to! As Habakkuk 3:19 says:

“The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights”



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changes in latitude, not attitude

Monday was very emotional (both bad and good…for several reasons). The most devastating was finding out that a crown that had come off could not be re-cemented and the tooth could not be saved. Oral surgery is now on the schedule for next week back home. Already not feeling well (having one of these episodes that seems to come with the program that I did not sign up for – weakness, nausea, headache-y, fatigue), I left the dentist by myself in a town I’d never been in before with the fuel tank on E …and had a good cry at the gas pump. Friends I’d been staying with had packed up and left for Florida that morning (yayyy for them), and I shouldn’t really be alone right now. So my husband was boarding a plane and I would be picking him up in Fayetteville later that afternoon. I did have that to be excited about!

For the 3-day weekend (no clinic on Fridays) I’d checked out a micro-current unit and used it quite a bit. During the previous weeks I’d come to really like that treatment and felt some better afterwards. So I ran several protocols each day, but one of them caused me to flare for two of those days, one being Monday. So now I’m on a break from both that as well as another therapy that had caused flares last week. The first two weeks that didn’t happen and I had felt stronger after those sessions (their target area was different). Every other therapy and all adjustments were very positive and my pain levels have gone down! Since the first day here, I have been seeing great results quickly.

So I’m reporting good news that I know I will be well one day soon. It may not happen in all the ways I was expecting, but it is happening! Getting up in the mornings are much easier. No more level 10 pain, mostly 5-6! Sleep has improved some, but still not enough hours. My central nervous system is still stuck mostly on the gas pedal, but sometimes the brake. And we are working on that. I’m so very hopeful!

Tomorrow I will have five more of my favorite treatments…this includes all three of the Dr’s, so I’ll be getting off to a good start for the weekend travel. It will do me good to see family, friends and dogs again. It’s only been two weeks but when you don’t feel well, there’s ‘just no place like home’. So it was a no-brainer to go home to my own dentist for this procedure. I already don’t do dental work very well in these years of illness. Monday night during the wee hours of sleeplessness I allowed fear to creep in. This had to do with my tooth, afraid of pain that was not even there yet! Even though faith and prayer are my ‘go to’s’, I found myself in a dark place for a short time. We’ve all been there, and this too shall pass, so my next blog entry will have a lighter note I’m sure!

I’d had such a great time with my friends who arrived back home last night. I think we laughed way too much to be legal, but it IS the BEST medicine. Daily we see little miracles here in NW Arkansas. There’s nothing like seeing people with more smiles and less pain!

Till my next blog, I’m still treadin on high!



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do you like pina coladas…rheumatoid is a pain

Sooo, I’m home…just for the long weekend, and it’s a sweet (re)treat! Unexpected, last minute needed decision.  At the moment I’m having Caribbean drinks with the fam…good times. (I’m not supposed to have sugar right now, so this is kind of an experiment, hehe)

And then I’ll be ready for round/week 3. My second week at the Neurologic Relief Center was more of the same treatments as well as a few other things added in. I saw all three of the Dr’s on Thursday, one of them to discuss my blood test results and ways to address some of the issues. I forgot to mention last week that I’d been getting Piezo therapy, too. You can check it out at This is extremely intense during treatment, but the results are immediate and good.

My diet was improved this week as I made better, thought out choices for my proteins, fats and carbs. This coming week my food allergy test results should be back and it’ll be good to see if any of my previous allergies have returned. (Two years ago I had eliminated my allergies thru an acupuncture treatment protocol called NAET.) Even if not allergic, it’s still a good idea to avoid gluten and dairy since they both usually cause inflammation. And I’m doing great drinking tons of water…summer and the heat helps with that. My rheumatology is kind of off the charts, too, so there’s that. But it’s all good…my pain level has not been at a 10 since my first day, except during certain treatments where it’s necessary to get the desired effect and then it’s better afterwards. I know I’m in a good place to heal.

My favorite therapy is frequency specific micro-current and my least favorite is ARP Wave. I love my therapist though – we make each other laugh and that helps. To find humor in all the pain is so beneficial. A huge part of the day is spending time with other patients and their family/caretakers/friends who come to support and hang out. Swapping stories and how we each came to be here is therapeutic, even fun. Depending on your schedule for the day, you might look like you’re moving in…packing food and water, supplements, extra clothes (I don’t like to wear shorts and tank all day needed for some treatments), computer, phone and books. My technology time has greatly decreased since I’d much rather make new friends from all over the world!

Till next blog, keep treadin’ on high places.

“The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights.” (Habakkuk 3:19)


PS My son, Jordan, gave me the title to this entry and I love it.

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in the stillness of the night

I met with my Lord

in the quiet, in the night

my soul was outpoured

I told Him of my needs that day

and released them to His care

He closed my eyes and said

‘all is well, my dear’

call out to God, the Father

and to His only Son

and you will meet the Comforter

Who is the Holy One

@Kim L. Newsome

many years ago

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weepy g’byes and many new norms

So I’m here in beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas. It’s pretty, it’s clean and the people are friendly. Many have discovered this and so it is crowded, lots of traffic.

I wanted to post this at the beginning of the week, staying consistent. But that didn’t happen. It’s been a whirlwind (ad)venture since Monday. Well, since we left Saturday. The 2-day trip was enjoyable, emotional and exciting. Sunday we needed to shop a bit and again Monday morning…making sure my sleepy time was going to be comfy (and it is!)

Monday at 1:00 I began eval’s, exams and x-rays. My Autonomic Nervous System Regulation scan and my Static EMG scan were both enlightening though not surprising. I had never seen results on scans like those to help me both understand and comprehend why my body had decided to defy me so radically. Some thing, most likely many things, brought their junk to the table of my life. Dr. Katinka contemplates and, along with her staff, will work hard to uncover and discover what is making me tick…or not tick!

After Dr. Katinka worked on (affectionately referred to as ‘mashed’) my vagus nerve, I was handed my schedule for the week. Next was my ARP consult where Jeana took some pics of my hands and feet, video of me walking, asked me questions and told me what to expect with her each day…then handed me a list of the amounts of fats, proteins and carbs I needed to cram into my mouth every day prior to and after ARPWAVE. What the? Look I just lost 20# and did not eat like this…ever! So I did began to panic a bit. Professional athletes use this treatment and if you don’t eat like this and drink 32 oz of water both before and after, it will ‘hurt’ more during ARP.

Yesterday started out with the first of three visits to Dr. K’s table for a gentle mashing. (actually the 2nd time she came to me while I was in microcurrent treatment) Microcurrent was kinda fun cuz you’re in there with a few others getting treatment and our therapist is a sweetheart. By then it was noon and I’d had micro for almost 2 1/2 hours.

While in there Kevin kept bringing me food – and not cuz I was starvingl! I began to really stress out with trying to count all of these numbers (some recommended I use an App while others didn’t find it helpful) I never much cared about before since I just hadn’t felt like eating enough to make a difference…for a long time now. I was also stressing about getting Kevin to the airport and be back in time for my 3:00 Dr K mashing! There was the chance that I could be hurting a little more with all this activity my body is not used to (my old norm) or be too tired, etc., and with the airport 35-40 min away, my friend, Nancy, as well as two very sweet girls from Sweden offered to take him for me. I said no cuz I wanted every last minute with him (alone). We all had fun with that fact and it lightened the moments I was having. By the way, rather than being sluggish and having level 10 acute pain, I was already experiencing a level or two less and feeling energetic and a bit euphoric, like I could conquer…some thing! So we headed to the local healthy grocer to stock me up on some yummy things. I felt pretty good driving back to the clinic, but not becuz I’d just left my hubby to fly home. That was not easy. It also marked a new temporary norm for me.

ARP was painful and intense. I’m not gonna lie. Nancy was there with me and along with Jeana, we were able to laugh thru some of it! It hurt becuz of what it is doing for me, not for lack of eating. By then my stomach felt like I’d eaten rocks at some point. So there are goals to reach and along the way it is opening up pathways that are, obviously, not open…causing discomfort. So when it gets to level 10 pain, the current is tuned back a bit and I was told to point my toes toward me, breath deeply (are you kidding me, I’m a shallow or a no-breather with pain), AND report where I’m feeling what and the intensity level. It was laughable how I struggled with this attempt at coordination. At that time of day, I’m usually brain foggy, sluggish and just plain fatigued! But I did it, yayyy, and I’m ready for round 2 today at 4:00. After my Dr K mash and a foot bath.

This morning was light work…an adjustment and blood work. Nancy insisted on taking me to save on my arms and hands. (I did sleep well last night, awake only from 4 – 5:30, another yayyy!) Then we came home to rest AND EAT MORE FOOD. I should be napping and there’s a nice rainstorm happening right now, but I really wanted to get my family and friends updated on here. I appreciate those of you interested and following me, especially if you are considering The Neurologic Relief Center for yourself or family.

Oh, yeah, I’m also ‘wearing’ a PRS (Personal Recovery System) ARPWave unit. I could/should wear it 24/7 but I did take it off last night to not deal with the wires and hopefully sleep better in that sense. Right now it’s on my left arm and I’m loving the positive effects!

I’m blessed and I’m very thankful this week and I’m treadin’ on higher places! (Habakkuk 3:19)

Thanks for listening, friends. You are in my prayers.

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venture is part of the adVenture

One week from today! Seven days! Only four more nights in my own cozy bed then a few nights in a hotel bed (till I’m settled in with my friends at their temporary home). Only one more ‘garbage day’ here (Babe, did you remember to take the trash down?). Four more showers here. One more Ortho-Bionomy therapy…one more chiro treatment…four more times to see the dogs eat their ‘supper’. It’s just for a little while. A few weeks. Maybe 10…Oh, no! How am I gonna do this? (sad face, even weepy)

There was a time, back in another day, when I loved to travel. Venturing on to new adVentures was my style. Or used to be. For the past 15 years, in many ways, I’ve not been much of myself, just not felt comfy in this fibromyalgia/RA/chronic fatigued skin. There’s been a new ‘norm’ in my life. Even at that it’s felt like all my days were like a humongous box of chocolates! And home is where I preferred to be.

Autoimmune dis-ease, or any illness, has a way of messing with your life…and its plans. So, I am extremely blessed to have this opportunity to hang out in a clinic where  ‘chronically-in-pain’ people go to experience wellness. Some come from all over the world to The Neurologic Relief Center. Some wait years to afford to go, while in unbearable pain, knowing there’s a place of hope in the unlikely state of Arkansas. I know this because there’s a woman who arrived in her wheelchair of five years (CRPS), the last two years knowing where she needed to go but had to wait for the funds to make it possible.  Recently, she walked out of there after ten weeks (gave her wheelchair away just three weeks into treatment)! Praise the Lord for these stories and there’s so many more like hers.

I’m not in a wheelchair. Now now. I did have to use one almost six years ago when inflammation and Baker’s cyst caused my right knee to blow up like a small basketball. That crazy localized pain allowed me to ignore the level 9.9 pain I was in all over my body. Around that time I was given a beautiful Buzz Around scooter (I didn’t necessarily want it, lol) and that was how I got from bed to bathroom to kitchen and back…for several months. Inside my head and heart, I was not ready for that life. Really, who is?

The fight to get well eventually settled into a quest to manage pain…so I could function. And I have. If you didn’t know me and couldn’t see my hands or how life is from evening till around noon when pills, salves and supplements have kicked into gear…and you just saw me during the afternoon hours of a ‘good day’ at 5-7 pain levels during low activity, you might say ‘you look great!’  I know cuz that’s what friends say when they see me.

Enough of me from then till now. Onto meeting my future healthier self. I’m gonna say it begins now since hope is here, packing needs to be done and bye-byes need to be said.

And the (ad)venture begins! Blog ya soon!

Journey with me on hinds’ feet, trekkin’ on high places! (Habakkuk 3:19)

PS – If you haven’t read Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard, pls do!


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countin’ down to better health

Last day of April 2018

Dental appointment today, check! Ortho-Bionomy tomorrow will be another check! Chiro and haircut Wednesday, check again. Then one more dental appointment Thursday and it’ll be T minus one week till I leave my comfy-cozy home, dogs and family to embark on an adventure of my lifetime.

Noooo, I’m not taking off on a bucket list long-awaited vacation. But ya know what? I truly believe that for the first time in 15 years, the thought of a vacation that includes traveling will actually excite me again. Packing, planning, committing and socializing. Potential crowds and unfamiliar furniture. Whether verbs or nouns, these are just a few words that cause anxiety for someone in chronic pain, fatigue or one of many inflammatory causing autoimmune dis-eases. I like to spell it that way because my body’s ‘ease’ has been ‘dissed’! And that is why the next leg of my venture aims due west, crosses the long state of Tennessee, to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Where hope awaits…at The Neurologic Relief Center (

As mentioned last week, my friend and her daughter are already there (six weeks now) and seeing great results. The videos and stories online are so encouraging as well. As part of my prep,  I am reading Dr. Katinka’s books: Taming the Beast, (A Guide for Conquering Fibromyalgia) and Putting Out the Fire, (New Hope for RSD/CRPS). Taming the Beast is the very best and most comprehensive information I’ve ever found on Fibromyalgia. I am feeling more prepared for the coming weeks/months as I devour all that she has to say.

Many friends and family have asked to get updates on my progress, so it was time to resurrect the ole blog.  If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll check back to share in my progress. Unfortunately, most people know of someone who suffers with chronic pain/fibromyalgia/arthritis/CRPS, etc – since fibromyalgia alone may affect 4 to 5 percent of the population, more women than men.

I’ve been on this very personal quest to get better/feel better/be well/know answers for a long time. This blog was originally intended to sort of journal my story, hoping to share insight as I waded through the plethora of advice and answers handed, or sent, to me by well meaning friends and practitioners over the years. I could fill a large closet (oh yeah, I have) with the pieces of equipment (I call them toys) and boxes of bottles and jars of all that ‘is helping others’! Already being in the wellness industry, providing others all over the world with some great products, puts us in touch with many like-minded people. I’ve got news for some people: since we are individuals with varying degrees of illness and dis-ease, what works for some will not work for everyone…there is no panacea out there…even and especially in ‘alternative’ medicine.

So tune in next week…when I will share a bit of the interesting history of fibromyalgia as I’ve learned it from Dr. Katinka.

Onto getting ready and getting well…blog ya soon!

Let’s journey together on hinds’ feet…treadin’ on high places! (Habakkuk 3:19)



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