Popcorn isn’t just for movie night


Sure wish I knew where that came from, haha! To be honest, I do know Where my inspiration comes from. Not always…but sometimes I get the title first and then the rest comes as I obediently yield to my keyboard. Other times many words spill out onto the screen and then I ponder a fitting title.

So in my home popcorn truly is not just for movie night. We like popcorn (a lot!) and really almost any given night can be movie night. Movies and TV are my husband’s favorite way to wind down after a long work day. Or any day for that matter! We’ve had friends over and end up just watching trailers for hours….also a good opportunity to pop those yummy kernels (on the stove, never microwaved).

Creatures of habit – even if we don’t want to be – certain days are associated with specific activities or emotions. Besides the obvious Friday or Saturday date (dinner, movie and popcorn) or party time, Sunday church and/or football, Monday back-to-work blues…what triggers do you experience as the calendar rolls around day after day, week after week? I suppose fixed schedules are more prone to this. I haven’t been on a fixed schedule for many years and I absolutely love it…and have a need for it! I realize that some people need consistency in their comfort zone and certain jobs demand it; I get that. But I’m more of a ‘please don’t make me commit’ type of person. Seriously, when that daily question comes from my husband about the dinner menu (btw, I prefer eating ‘supper’) I almost cringe. Especially after lunch and my tummy is satisfied. Man, let’s deal with that when the time comes, right? Even when it comes to setting up a doctor appointment or making plans with friends, I’d much rather be impromptu and strike when the feeling hits me. But, no, I wasn’t always this way.

I do believe this comes after 10 years of autoimmune disease symptoms that have kept me up many nights, making me want to sleep most of the morning while my husband is enjoying his second cup of coffee and his work day is nearly half over. I have been truly blessed in that his office is here at home and I haven’t worked outside the home for many years. Comes in handy when battling illness. This has caused me to be extremely sympathetic to people who do need to work while not feeling well or in acute and chronic pain. My heart goes out and I pray for them. Sleepless nights are a great time to pray…or read…or play electronic games. Yes, I’ve fallen prey to a few of those addicting timestealers and I’m not proud of it! But I won’t deny it either. Soooo, I reel it in some when guilt strikes, making sure that I am praying first, reading my Bible (love the iPad app) and eBooks these days…a good inspirational memoir, historical non-fiction and even fiction that ends up teaching me something of value. You may wonder when does she ever do anything productive? Well, my husband and sons have always done much to help keep the house in order and take care of the dogs.  I feel very accomplished when I’m able to go to the store and help with the shopping, even drive sometimes, organize and manage a load or two of laundry, fix a meal or snack for myself and load my dishes into the dishwasher, clean my own bathroom sink occasionally and shower and dress myself! That is because a few short years ago I could not do those things! I’m so grateful to God for improved health in many ways and for alternative methods of healing that treat the causes and not just symptoms, allowing dis-ease to go in reverse rather than progress. (This is called wellness, not sickness, and refers to non-emergency conditions.)

So what did any of this have to do with popcorn, geez!? Not sure myself, but just maybe, or hopefully, it has prompted someone to consider taking life less seriously and methodically. (a few of my friends know that I had to come down a few notches back when I thought a spotless and tidy home were important) Perhaps someone will feel more relaxed in dealing with what life brings each day, no matter what day of the week.  Because pain will come in some form or another to all of us eventually.  Trust Jesus, giving him your messes.

And by all means, have popcorn…whenever. Even for breakfast!

I hope to see y’all treadin’ on high places with me! (Habakkuk 3:19)

Kim Newsome

About treadin' on high

I have made some very bad choices in my lifetime and those choices took me to some places I had no business going. In January of '94, I became a new creature in Christ. And I have learned no matter what I'm going thru, as long as it is God's will, it's far better than one second of my own! He has a plan and I desire more than anything to be a part of it. I am.....always seeking truth!
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2 Responses to Popcorn isn’t just for movie night

  1. berinaberrry says:

    I read this and missed potato crisps…

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